Cable installation

With the ability to deliver structured voice and data cabling using Ethernet or fibre optic technology to form the foundation for your business' computing and communication network infrastructure, icable uk can support your voice and data network cabling needs at every stage of the lifecycle; from design to implementation and maintenance.

Structured cabling systems are often taken for granted as they act as an invisible utility and are constantly under pressure as bandwidth requirements and network complexity increase. With the advances in data storage, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and the adoption of unified communication platforms, it is critical that you can provide your organisation with scalable, high-performance cabling to maintain an efficient data, voice, and video-ready computer network.

Our team can ensure that your network cabling and IT infrastructure are future-proofed to support your longer-term goals. We supply structured cabling services to organisations of all sizes by employing highly qualified and experienced network cabling design consultants, installation engineers and project managers.

Wi-Fi installation

Wireless network infrastructure (Wi-Fi) is one of the technologies that is in high demand due to the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace. We can design, install and configure Wi-Fi solutions for businesses that offer maximum coverage, minimum channel interference, low bandwidth limitation and robust management and security features.

We're proud to employ network engineers who complete comprehensive wireless surveys to ensure 'dead spots' are minimised, giving proper consideration to the buildings structure and carefully balancing the number of connecting devices and its effect on bandwidth. The award-winning wireless network infrastructure technologies we supply bring together enterprise-class features, management tools, and security to deliver the functionality and performance your organisation needs to meet the mobile network access explosion.

Network installation

Our team has a wealth of experience in designing, installing and configuring complex network infrastructures using industry-standard technologies and best practice. We work with many of the leading data and voice network vendors and deliver networks that scale to suit performance needs and budget.

You can work with our qualified engineers to produce a computer network systems design that offers high availability, increased performance and improved manageability. To provide a stable platform for your organisation, it is key that you optimise the installation and configuration of your computer network. We can help you to design, plan, install and support IP networks for a handful of users and devices or for large enterprise network infrastructures that span continents.